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Time to redesign an old website?

My favorite projects to work on are websites for local businesses and I have just finished a website for Kaleb's Katch. If you haven't tasted their famous salmon wraps on one of the farmers' markets in the valley, this article is a good way to get to know them and see how and why a new website was built for them.

Kaleb's Katch is based out of Gypsum, CO and provides the Vail Valley with premium seafood at local farmers' markets. The first website for Kaleb's Katch was designed by Bryan in 2011 and it looked good but you could tell that it's a little outdated. Keeping an old website just to have a web presence is one way to do it but the times are changing. Nowadays, having a good online presence is essential to every big and small business. It is a way of checking if the business is legit and it's also a way of communicating. The fact is most customers now prefer online orders and emails over phone calls.

We contacted Kaleb's Katch about building a new website since it was time for us to update our server's scripting language version. These updates are similar to the ones on your iphones... if you try to update to the latest iOS software with an old iphone, it probably won't work. So after seven years, it was time to get the most recent model of a website that will work with said software.

Having an old website as a template has made the designing process much faster. I had access to high-quality photos and all the necessary content. I changed the layout of the website from an old brochure style to a more modern multi-module layout. The first thing you see on the website is an interactive slider with photos from Alaska (Kaleb's personal photos!). Other information on the home page is the essential information for their business. In the middle of their peak season, the list of events is on the home page and is made to stand out. It is followed by "News Feed", a new feature that the old website didn't have. That way they can communicate with their clients about where they are going to be next, about how to order KatchBox (a custom order of seafood straight from Alaska) and about what they have in stock.

The second most important part on the website is visual content. I believe a website cannot look good without high-quality photos. Having these photos available, I created a small gallery on the home page. Website visitors love photos and if you think about often do you read the content of websites versus scroll through and only check out the photos?

Kaleb's Katch logo stayed the same as it was redone a few years ago and it looked really good. I also kept the sea-themed color combinations and applied them to this new website. Colibri Web Design also specializes in complete rebranding, including the logo, picking colors, stationery, printing, content writing, etc.

Enough talking, it is time for you to see it yourself. Here is the link to the new website: Kaleb's Katch

You are invited to visit the website and let me know what you think in the comments below!

If you think your website might be outdated and you would like to discuss the options for redesigning your website, feel free to contact me for a free consultation. I love hearing from you!


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