Artist Portfolio Website

There are clients who have a very clear vision of how they want their website to look like and there are clients who simply just want or need a web presence and they rather have a web designer decide how it's going to look like. Working with both types of designers is exciting and also very rewarding.

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I have just finished working on a local artist's small business website. Joe is a great local guy who makes amazing sculptures and signs made out of wood. In addition to always finding challenge in winning several prizes in chainsaw carving competitions, he also makes custom wood pieces like furniture, carvings and signs.

Seafood Reseller Website

My favorite projects to work on are websites for local businesses and I have just finished a website for Kaleb's Katch. If you haven't tasted their famous salmon wraps on one of the farmers' markets in the valley, this article is a good way to get to know them and see how and why a new website was built for them.

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